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Youth in their own words

“I learned…

  • it’s ok to say no to sex if you're not ready”
  • how to say, ‘no’ and staying with my decision.”
  • that condoms are really important and something you really have to use when it comes to having sex"
  • how many diseases you can get if you are not careful.”
  • how to prevent yourself from getting diseases.”

Boys & Girls Clubs
of Washington

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WA PREP Fun Facts

WA PREP Intervention Partners have served youth in 21 counties in the following settings: rural, urban, middle/high schools, community and faith based organizations

Youth in the Community

At a local high school, youth that participated in the Reducing the Risk curriculum made posters and pamphlets for a peer-to-peer exhibit about safe sex. This display was used for a presentation at the local health department. In September, the youth will share it during an upcoming fair and have it on display in the school for the rest of the year.

Read a story about how White Salmon School District WINS at WA PREP.

Caitlin Cray is a Prevention Specialist at Columbia High School in White Salmon. She is also a WA PREP champion. While there are a variety of factors that influence teen birth rate, Columbia High School was pleased to see that teen births went from six to four to zero over the three years of WA PREP. Caitlin’s dedication and hard work showcase how WA PREP’s intervention partners are able to reach targeted youth and sustain their work over time. Read more »


The Washington State Personal Responsibility Education Program (WA PREP) is in its fourth year! 2014-2015 Intervention Partners received funding to implement evidenced based interventions (EBIs) in Washington State communities.

WA PREP Intervention Partners educate youth (primarily ages 11-18) on both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, and three adulthood preparation subjects subjects (Healthy Relationships, Parent-Child Communication, and Healthy Life Skills). WA PREP staff have provided specialized technical assistance and training to all Intervention Partners to build their capacity to implement EBIs.

Currently, WA PREP has trained dozens of facilitators in eight EBIs (Be Proud! Be Responsible!, SHARP, Reducing the Risk, Making Proud Choices, Making Proud Choices - An Adaptation for Youth in Out-of-Home Care, ¡Cuídate!, Draw the Line/Respect the Line, and SiHLE: Sistas, Informing, Healing, Living, Empowering). Here is what WA PREP Intervention Partners are saying:

“Thank you all for your guidance, support, and encouragement as we stumbled through the task of initiating this program which has now become one of the youth’s favorites. Funny to think we have a waiting list!”
—Sara, Making Proud Choices Facilitator

Juvenile Rehabilitation Authority's work with WAPREP was recently highlighted in their newsletter.
“We have a 'tool box' of information now we can use with the youth we serve.”
“We have had a positive experience with WA PREP from the very beginning. The training was very helpful and informative and the SiHLE curriculum was very easy to understand and implement.”
“The [Reducing the Risk] curriculum itself is easy to use and has lots of involvement with the youth. At the end the youth really had learned a lot and expressed how much they enjoyed the class.”